Letters to Holly

Wednesday, October 14

Slow Moving Forward

I just got off the phone with the cabinet business and explained they installed the sliding drawers on the wrong columns. The owner wasn't thrilled and asked simply "is their placement important?" Yep, I said. The gas stove can melt the carpenter's glue holding them together, and it's not what we asked for. He said they can come by tomorrow to remeasure the shelves (the columns are different widths), and they can install them properly when those shelves arrive at their store. I think he handled it right, so far, and I hope we can get this fixed with a minimum of sawdust.

Your Sister worked from about 4 to just before midnight. She has a teacher presentation on Saturday, and she's working with a PowerPoint knockoff. It doesn't work the same, and she had to adjust to it for virtually every step. The school switched from Microsoft Office to Open Office, and the programs are fully compatible. I kept her fed at her desk and stayed out of her way. She was pooped but content with what she created.

I ran, and I seem to have plateaued on my time. I need new shoes, true, but I think I'm also doing too much pre-run exercise, leaving me with a low tank before I even get out the door. I'm shifting my stride based on the grade of the hills. When my lungs are OK, my legs are sluggish When my legs are OK, my ribs ache. This didn't happen when I ran in the mornings.

Picture of the Day
Whenever I post a Star Wars image I found online, I think "well, surely that's the last one I'll ever find." But no. There's always more.

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