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Tuesday, October 13

Here Is My Money. Do As I Ask.

When the cabinet people were installing the sliding drawers, I commented that they were measuring the wrong set of shelves. No, no, they explained. The sliders have to go on the interior shelves because the exterior shelves have a bigger upper sill. Oh, I said, but I could have sworn we wanted the drawers on the exteriors. I didn't have the design drawing on hand, and I let them finish their work. I told Your Sis about it when she got home, and she too could have sworn we asked for exterior shelf drawers. She found the drawing, and there it is: exteriors sliding drawers.

Looks like I have to be Mad Customer this weekend. As they will not be allowed to work while no one is home, we'll have to set up yet another time when they can fix it while one of us is home. Or they can give us back a chunk of money. I prefer the former. What I truly prefer is that they come out on Saturday and fix it. They don't prefer Saturday work, but maybe they prefer getting a job done right.

The sports shoe store was closed for the holiday, so no new running shoes for me. When I went price comparing in Sears for lawnmowers, I noticed how small the store was. It's about half the size of our house, and it only sells appliances and lawn equipment. There were three employees, and they were all working with one costumer buying a washing machine. They said nothing to me. I was there for ten minutes, checking mower parts, reading instructions, and jotting down prices and specs. They didn't check on me once. Didn't even say hello. Out I went. I'll buy the mower from Lowe's instead.

That's three-for-three in inconvenient consumer experiences. Socialism is looking pretty good right now.

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Man, I miss Lost.

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