Letters to Holly

Monday, October 12

Waiting and Hurting

The office closed early Friday, and I waited to hear from Your Sister. She declined my offer to accompany her to the doctor, and I sat at home. Her appointment was at 3:45. I was anxious and killed time with a video game because it's mindless stuff. When 5 rolled around, I was bouncing off the walls. Here it was more than an hour later, and I had heard nothing. Madness. I called her, expecting to hear a bad diagnosis and a touch of anger that I hadn't gone with her after all. Sure, she said no, but I imagined her sitting there, stunned by a bad diagnosis and alone. I was mad at myself and her and the doctors, and it was all imagined.

She was still in the waiting room when I finally called her. I offered to wait with her, and she again said no. We said goodbye, and I went back to the game to kill time and faceless bad guys, who now were everyone between Your Sis and the manila folder with the words "OK" stamped on it. She got in to see him about ten minutes later. It took two minutes to say she's fine. She called me and drove home, and we surprised each other by how worried we were. This, on top of a big week, wore her out, and she went to bed early.

On Saturday, she drove her motorcycle to Asheville for the scheduled tune-up. I drove behind her, and we shopped in town while they fixed her bike. To properly work on it, the garage had to cool the bike down, and that gave us extra time at the mall. We got some new clothes and considered Christmas gifts. She looked at games and puzzles for the library and got Halloween cards for the nieces. I almost bought a musical card with the Wicked Witch of the West. She drove the bike back home in the rain, and she's becoming a pro at all-weather riding. She's also getting me closer to getting my own bike license. She said I can borrow her helmet.

We watched Zodiac that night while we ate the fiery Thai food. The film is great, maybe my favorite David Fincher film, and I love madly Fight Club and Seven. It's long -- a chunky three hours -- but it's about smart people thinking out loud, and I'm a sucker for that.

We were suffering Sunday after the Thai food. My throat was shot, my stomach was burning. No es bueno all around. We ate soup and porous food all day.

I'm at home today babysitting the cabinet people as they finish (hopefully) the shelves. It already looks like they put the sliding drawers on the wrong shelves, and they're currently driving back to their shop because the air compressor doesn't work. These people haven't won me over, and they've stepped on the wrong foot since Day One. I'll be relieved when this is over.

Picture of the Day
It was the fourth annual Wonder Woman Day in New Jersey and New Jersey this weekend. The events raise money for domestic violence charities and many comic artists attend to sale sketches to raise funds. I still hold that WW is the most recognizable pop female icon. I bet more people can name her than the Mona Lisa.

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