Letters to Holly

Wednesday, March 3

900 Posts

Yep, we hit a milestone.

I'll skip some telecommuting hours today to shovel the snow. We still won't be able to drive until the plows clear the way. It's oddly silent out there; even the nighttime highway noise is gone. This telecommuting isn't bad, per se, but it requires adjustment. If I hadn't gotten a cool pad for the laptop, there's no way I could put in a full day. Well, fullish, anyway.

I'm using what would be my two commute hours to work on the comic before and after working from home. Your Sister is now facing another Saturday of teaching. Cabin fever struck her hard and early, and she swept the driveway last night. I can't stop her. I can only check on her and invite her inside.

Two items of news:

1) We haven't heard from the doctor's office, and we were told earlier that no news is bueno. The assumption then is no gestational diabetes.

2) Your Sister's teaching assistant has bailed, citing family circumstances. This is something of a relief for her. He couldn't get his assignments together, requiring her to prepare to cover his lessons while preparing hers. Even though she has no safety net now, she's back to what she was accustomed, and she's glad the end came this early in the semester.

Lost has turned a corner, and I'm relieved. I think it can focus on the core characters now.

Picture of the Day
The rare female rebel pilot.


Anonymous said...

so...remember when you posted that great comment about graphic designers always being hit-up to work for family and friends free?

Yeah...well...here's the pitch:
we are 90% certain we're going ahead with a brewery tour fundraiser later this month, and people love the logo you designed for the COHI bier garten of the beer wench. How much trouble would it be to remove the COHI symbol from the pitcher so that I can recycle your brilliant sketch?

Gregory said...

It would take two minutes. I'll send it to you before Thursday.

Anonymous said...