Letters to Holly

Tuesday, March 2


This is the rare late blog post because I spent the day telecommuting. While our tiny village was and continues to be pummeled by fat snow clumps plummeting to the earth, Asheville didn't get enough to slow traffic. My office computer was switched on there, and I connected to it from my workshop. I worked the majority of the day on files that could have waited a few more days.

I don't see us leaving the house until Friday. We've gotten at last six inches of styrofoam snow, and it isn't supposed to stop until tomorrow morning. We went for a short walk today to survey the damage. Before we left the driveway, we spotted a utility truck swamped in the street. Within five minutes of walking, our footprints vanished. Somehow, we still have our satellite service so we're catching Lost tonight.

I have to sign off from the laptop. My eyes are dead.

Picture of the Day
"Roads? Where we're going we don't need ... roads."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yeah telecommuting!
yeah snow!
we've gotten more in Greenville this year than I'd have ever thought that I'd see in eastern NC. who knows, our rain might switch over to snow tonight. doubtful, though.
secretly jealous. i'd love to just study without having new material heaped on me. sigh.