Letters to Holly

Monday, March 1

Plans Are Suggested

Your Sister is averse to belly pictures, and we've only taken a handful since her bulge emerged. Now, I'm not going picture crazy, documenting everything we do and supplanting an experience with the depiction of the experience. I do want to make a record of the most incredible nine months of applied biology we'll encounter. But she has days where she feels huge and unattractive and old, and I scold the camera and send it to its room without camera dinner. Some quick photos were taken and posted on FB where Your Mom practically called her gigantic.

My Mom is feeling better with a new prescription called Pristiq. She's making plans to accompany us to the next appointment in late March, and she again is asking about names. We're no closer to a name and probably won't lock in a top-five list until Your Sister is convinced it's not a girl. Is it possible the doctor was confused by the machine imagery? Yes. It is probable? No.

I started inking our medieval comic. I realized after one panel that using fat-nib pens to delineate art based on slim-lead pencils kills my art. I moved to the thinnest pen I have -- 0.2 mm. -- and I like what I see. The stiff plasticity is diminished, and a more organic contour emerges. This might be my ink style from now on. I'll put up scans as it nears completion.

We bought cooling stands for our laptops, and I drew my journal comic on my new machine as I watched Olympic hokey from the couch. That's so scifi. I'm gobsmacked. If I didn't have a pregnant wife and various comic projects, I'd liveblog TV shows. Your Sister, however, did talk to one of my fellow roller derby fans and demanded he take me to some of the Asheville games this summer.

I picked up my drama award Saturday over a dinner out with theatre buddies. It's nice. It'll look good on the wall. Your Sis reminded me she wants me to do theatre when a show strikes my fancy, even if it's in Asheville. I dunno. I wouldn't get home from rehearsal until after 11 each night, and that might stretch for three months. That knocks me out of watching Roo. I don't see me doing theatre again for years. And that's fine. I have comics and games and a baby to mold into a genius.

Picture of the Day
Marvel Comics is publishing Girl Comics, a new anthology created entirely by women. Nice idea. Horrible name. Here's a page from the first issue. These are all current Marvel superheroines.

The one on the bottom right was played by Halle Berry in the X-Men movies. The upside down hero is Spider-Woman, who had her own ABC Saturday cartoon years and years ago.

Here's her cartoon opening sequence.

Yes, her "spider-like powers" include flying and hand lasers. I don't know.


Anonymous said...

wowsers. bottom row, second one in...is that super gal? or something like that? all-american gal?
i think i have a t-shirt with her on it that i picked up at target for $2.

Gregory said...

That's Miss America, one of Marvel's WWII heroes. She fought alongside Captain America, Human Torch, SubMariner, Spitfire, and Union Jack in a group called The Invaders.