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Wednesday, August 19

Eating and Running

I made a deal with myself: Buy a new game, spend an equal amount of time on the piano or drawing. I may have to craft a schedule. Mayhap. Perchance. Possibly.

The garden bounty means lots of veggie segments to add to the Spaghetti Bucket. What we don't add to salads or side items is frozen in Tupperware. When that container is full, we make sauce. Last night, that sauce was dinner. It was good too. Your Sis added tomato paste to coagulate it, and it went over noodles. I grew up around gardens. I have my own garden. I may never get over eating stuff I grew.

Your Sis has a big workshop presentation today, and she spent last night prepping for it. I killed time reading. Popular Mechanics features an article on the Mythbusters. After reading that, I polished off the West Wing scripts I started at the beach. If I thought we could get away with it legally, I'd add them to my theatre script suggestions. We've talked about performing famous TV episodes, and I liked the idea before I saw some actors struggle with comic timing and delivery. I'd love to do a West Wing episode onstage. There are three roles I could do easily: Josh, Toby, and Sam. I could do that. That would be ripping fun.

The scripts hold up better than some filmed episodes. The first season was a light romantic comedy with a flute-heavy theme song. Then the second season started with an assassination attempt, and the series turned to stronger stuff. The banter remained, and the wit kept the show afloat in bad times.

You know, this might be the material for that radio play I wanted to try. Maybe maybe.

I also just found out that there is a second script anthology from the show. It must be mine. I have spoken. And typed. But the speaking came first, and you must take my word for it.

I ran this morning, and I'm creeping closer to a sub-17-minute run time for 2 miles. That's good progress. That makes me feel good. Then I read in the paper where high-schoolers are running 5ks in the same timeframe. That makes me want to dive into a McDonald's burger bin. Still, I'm in good shape, and I want to revive my biweekly 5ks soon. The mornings are getting darker, so I need to get started.

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