Letters to Holly

Thursday, August 20


Four years ago, as I write this, You, Lauren, and Your Sister were getting dolled up for the formal wedding ceremony. I was herding the set-up crew. About 12 hours later, we were watching The Village alone as no one took our party invitation seriously, and we opened wedding gifts til 2 in the morning. You've done a lot in four years. We've done some too.

I ran my 2-mile course in 16:56, a new record. I hustled down the first hill and chugged up the same hill to end quickly. I cut more than 30 seconds off my time from yesterday and more than 20 off my previous best. I've noticed these last two days that I'm warm for hours afterward. My metabolism is burning something, and this morning it's last night's smores.

Another teacher party saw us sipping homebrew beer (not ours), eating zucchini muffins (not ours), and making and gobbling smores (not ours). We all decided to copy this once a month on a Friday to be determined by vote. We volunteered to host the first wingding. Already, also, the buzz has begun on new administrator foibles and how the teachers should handle them. Nothing that directly affects Your Sister as yet.

She already warned me she'd work this weekend, and I have plans to fill my time. I intend to do a little of a lot.

Picture of the Day
The Innards Metro.

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Anonymous said...

ah yes. that t-shirt is from threadless-- where people submit their t-shirt designs, the web community votes, and the shirts go on sale. i think they call it community opensource t-shirt design.

and speaking of t-shirts. you've seen my ob/gyn "we deliver" faux ups t-shirt. i'd love to commission a certain graphic artist who's blog i follow to brainstorm something new and hilarious... just putting that out there.
congratulations on 4 years. and faster runs. just bought a new pair of running shoes myself after my first powderpuff practice of medical school. no suprise here...they're making me a linebacker. but i did sack a QB today.