Letters to Holly

Friday, August 21

Responding to Responses

Constant Reader writes:
and speaking of t-shirts. you've seen my ob/gyn "we deliver" faux ups t-shirt. i'd love to commission a certain graphic artist who's blog i follow to brainstorm something new and hilarious... just putting that out there.
I have not seen said shirt, but I'd love to. I'd also love to make a shirt design. Let me brainstorm, and I'll post sketches for you.
congratulations on 4 years. and faster runs. just bought a new pair of running shoes myself after my first powderpuff practice of medical school. no suprise here...they're making me a linebacker. but i did sack a QB today.
Your Baby Daddy has taught you well, Padawan. We watched a little preseason football last night, and Your Sis is itching for the real deal to start.

We hosted Kathy and Travis for dinner in yet another summer-extending evening. She made a curry dish using a Malaysian/ZuluNatal mix and a homemade cucumber yogurt sauce. She knows her stuff, that one. Tania, their exchange student, is headed to Universite Paris X-Naterre and is probably on her way to becoming an ambassador. She wants to study Spanish and Russian. Somewhere is a yokel teen boy with no clue what his one-time summer fling is doing now.

What's the news on your car?

Picture of the Day
Everyone wants to stay on vacation.


Anonymous said...

just picked up the police report yesterday. love how the officer estimated $300 damage. it's gonna be way more than that.

Gregory said...

Maybe the nurse will bang into his car soon.