Letters to Holly

Monday, August 17

Return to Norm

I don't know how I cobbled together four Vaders, but I have. The most recent one, I do know, was a gift from Your Sister, and I carried him in my shoulderbag during the work convention. He's a vintage, late '70s figure. Vinyl cape and all.

Your Sister introduced me to a game called Bananagrams. It's like Scrabble, except there's no board or letter values. It's fun, and I would have enjoyed it so much more had she asked to play it after letting me unpack the PS3. It sat in the TV room and siren-sang to me for almost an hour.

We watched Dark Knight on the new Blu-Ray player, and it was gob smacking. It truly is an upgrade in graphics and sound. We gasped at the cityscapes more than any explosion. Every window was clearly delineated. Every building was crisp and sharp. The close-ups of the actors threaten to fish-eye. Theatres should go digital to approximate this level of quality. It's a different viewing experience, but I don't see us replacing our DVDs. We'll use the Blu-Ray for special films and documentaries.

The WiFi allows us to use the TV as a PC monitor, and we surfed FaceBook from the couch. Extraordinary.

The garden is awash in roma tomatoes. We have clusters of them dragging the vines to the dirt. We're harvesting the jalapenos too. The squash and cucumbers are on their last legs, but the corn is still going strong.

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Anonymous said...

again, happy birthday!
love the new header and photos.
good to talk to you last night.

Gregory said...

And you too.
Call anytime you need a breather from studying.