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Tuesday, August 18

We Didn't Know Enough

A last-minute invitation led us to bar trivia, and thus the week was kicked off.

But first, are you OK? I hope you didn't wake up to surprise aches. Also, did you slug any nurses yesterday? Not that we blame you.

I took a copy of Monster of Florence to Jack of the Wood and held a table for the others. Your Sister, Angela, and Dan arrived about an hour later and much trashy food was devoured. Our team name was an joke between Your Sis and I from a recent trip to Target: Big Sushi and the Free-swinging Bananas. We did OK at trivia, and even lead one round, but we faltered quickly to the middle of the pack. I did win a t-shirt for shouting out an answer in the verbal round; I knew Patti LaBelle sang lead on Lady Marmalade.

I mentioned to the others my plan to perform at the next work convention. This devolved into a small argument with Your Sis about why I don't sing around the house.

My take:
She hates all the songs I want to sing.
Her take: If I've never heard you sing, how can I hate the songs?

Anyway, she's a wrong, wrong person who is wrong. I suggested some songs I could learn within three years, including '80s songs. The Police, for instance. During my inebriated ride back, the Police came on the radio, and Your Sister dared me to sing. So I warbled. The song ended, and Your Sister looked at me with menace. Big wifey menace. She thought I was good, and she was mad I hadn't done this in the decade we've known each other. (Psst: Again, wrongness. We sang a Chicago song a few months back.) I think her hearing was warped by the evening in the bar. Also, who can't sing Every Breath You Take?

We chose the stain we want for the new bookshelves, and hopefully we'll have them up before next month.

School begins soon for her, and the teachers are restless. We did the bar thing with one teacher lady, and another is throwing a pre-semester party Wednesday. They want to wring all the summer joy they can before heading back to the salt mines.

The script committee chairman asked us members to come up with a list of ten plays I consider feasible and popular. We'll then whittle our lists to one and choose the season from that. I doubt there will be a next season. They've squandered their money and burned out the actors. Like me. I don't want to even walk into the new building to see a play, much less volunteer to work a show.

Picture of the Day
Behold the next House.

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